About us

Luna Technologies believes in providing a competitive package solution. With a wide range of high-quality products.

Luna is a leading supplier of Industrial Components, Bearings, Pneumatics, Motors, Controllers, and Drives Indian Industries. We’re focused on driving ongoing Safety, Innovation, Efficiency, Reliability, and Productivity. With best-in-class manufacturing facilities, unmatched Digital Expertise, always-on global services delivery, and unrivaled product breadth and performance. Luna is the industry’s one-stop-shop.

How it started…

“LUNA-TIMOTION” has come together to offer a range of innovative ergonomics work solutions with our TEK series frame kits. All necessary components are included within each kit-including lifting columns, hand control, control boxes with customizable software wiring, and assembly hardware.

“Trust Us To Have A Hasslefree Experience”

The future is bright

“The Vision of Luna Technology is to be the preferred provider of technology with comfort vision.”