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Sit Stand Desk

Designed keeping right ergonomic posture in mind, Luna’s modern office furniture, sit stand desk is the perfect choice for customers who want to put their health first.


Working from Home? No worries.

Go ahead and order your health by ordering our sit stand desks online.


The office environment in India is changing rapidly. Organizations are taking noble step to put their employees’ health first. Join the movement to redefine your office environment by ordering our sit stand desks.

Why Choose Our Tek Frame Kits

• Easy assembly with recyclable packaging

• High strength and stability

• Low noise ratings

• Built-in safety features

• Constant smooth movement with soft start/stop

• Low standby power

• Multiple control options with memory functionality

• Plug and play controls and accessories

Customize Your Desk

 Luna Strives to continuously offer the most customizable workstation according to our suitable height, adding to the esthetic feature. You can add accessories to it



We provide all type of customize stands



Wireless Charger

  • TWC
  • TFA3 (USB charger port)

Wire Ferrule

  • OEDH010 (1400mm)

Monitor Arm

  • EGNA202 (Single-Screen Monitor Arm)

Integrated Socket

  • OEXH302
  • OECZ018
  • OEXH303

Top In

Luna Technologies, is a authorized channel partner of “Timotion” for Pan India. The company aims at providing high quality, cost-effective engineered solutions for custom applications.

In addition to that the company has over 20 years of experience and expertise to help manufacturers obtain an optimal product design. The company has carried out innovative research and development to upgrade the their products.

Why Luna?

#Using actuators from Best company in the world

#Weight carrying capacity of 160kg, the best in the industry

#Shipping complete product including height adjustable frame & tabletop.

#Shipping at nominal charges

#Installation at reasonable charges

#Immediate product delivery

#All International quality products

Real support by real people

We offer the best support and service you can imagine. Use our support forum if you got any question and our team will respond, thats for sure! We got thousands of solved threads and a customer satisfaction of 97%.